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Advantages and Disadvantages of Technological Achievements. Causes and Management of Criminals: Psychiatric Aspects. Some Major Guides for Laws. Psychosocial and Religious Aspects of Medical Ethics. Marriage: Whence and Whither? Changing Views on Homosexuality, Transvestism, and Transsexualism. Equality and Inequality: Facts and Values. About this book Introduction In the 's marked changes occurred throughout the world in philosophies and policies related to man's role in life.

The rising number of people and improved methods of communication and transportation have caused more relationships among people, with their pleasures, competitions, jealousies, conflicts of interest, oppressions, and crimes. Tags: The Man in the High Castle. What if the Germans and Japanese had won WW2? I admit confusion over gaping plot holes and teasers, but I did catch enough of the dialog to suspect that genetic info about one of the families is wrong. It is autosomal dominant — if you have it, so does or did one of your parents, unless you're a new mutation about 30 percent of cases.

Well, no. You have the mutation or you don't, although symptoms may occur later in life, in which case a person with the mutation is pre-manifest, not a carrier in the classic sense. I can only reconcile these facts if John Smith has the mutation too but is non-penetrant — meaning he has the genotype but not the phenotype. I wonder what the Nazis, obsessed with purifying the gene pool, would do with that intel!

Plus, Thomas has what appears to be seizures and he trips — not the upper body weakness of the disease. But can anyone explain an inheritance pattern that has carriers and non-penetrance? These technologies focus on gleaning actionable information from human and market behaviors in large and complex data sets.

With insights like this, brand marketers can market more efficiently and optimize their personal and nonpersonal programs and gain insights into the local and regional level of physicians and their personal and professional networks. These cutting-edge, data-mining technologies are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of pharma sales and marketing initiatives during very lean times.

He is eager is to take Qforma to the next level by offering its metrics and services across multiple industries. His analytic technologies are now a mainstay of the industry, and any company not using them is inarguably behind the curve. Roger Jones often sends holiday cards that he painted himself. Name: Roger D. Jones, Ph. At every step in his career, Rob Rebak has been on the leading edge of innovation and creativity. A visionary leader in the healthcare marketing space, he brings an uncanny ability to understand the barriers and the opportunities, and applies the discipline and wisdom to make the right decisions, time after time.

He has practically reinvented targeted online customer acquisition solutions for healthcare marketers and has created demand for performance-marketing services. Rebak blends his expertise in marketing with leadership and charisma. He builds and nurtures his network to uncover market insights that he can mold into business opportunities.

Rebak values personal relationships and collaboration. His ability to process information and design a plan allows him to look broadly at the landscape but stay focused on achieving results. The pharmaceutical industry and healthcare changed forever when the FDA opened the window to broadcast DTC ads and the Internet began to play an important role, at which time, Mr. Rebak was on the Claritin marketing team at Schering-Plough. He says having an empowered consumer as part of the marketing equation has revolutionized the way marketing works. Claritin was one of the first DTC brands, and Mr.

Rebak played a significant role in the marketing strategy. He was owner and president of SimStar, originally a pharmaceutical-based Web development organization. He had the vision to see the evolution of a market and transitioned SimStar out of a shrinking Web development market to a new full-service pharmaceutical interactive agency. For Mr. Rebak, growing SimStar into a leading interactive healthcare agency and then combining it with Rosetta and seeing Rosetta go on to become the largest independent interactive agency in the country has been a true career highlight.

Rebak was instrumental in leading the strategy of combining an interactive agency with a segment-based strategy organization. Rebak is now implementing the same type of strategic insights and leadership at QualityHealth. Thanks to his vision, QualityHealth has evolved from a lead-generation company to a company offering performance-based DTC solutions that overcome the sales, trade, and managed-care issues that confront the industry today. His goal is for QualityHealth to turn the current state of DTC inefficiency absolutely upside down and produce dramatically better results for pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketers.

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Colleagues and clients are inspired by his envisioning of the future, his laser focus on his plan, and his ability to lead his organizations to growth. He does this with heart and compassion, without having lost the ability to laugh at himself. Doctors need more digestible and powerful resources. And pharma — one of the most valuable, productive, yet unfairly demonized industries in the history of the United States — needs a more efficient means to engage doctors in the workflow. One of his goals is to create a powerful medication adherence service for consumers that connects them to customized information and to their own doctor.

His 10 years of practicing medicine as a former ER physician illuminated the gaps in patient care. His IT expertise has shown him the way to narrow those gaps and advance patient safety.

As commander-in-chief of the PDR Network, one of the leading distributors of drug safety information, Dr. Fotsch spearheaded collaborative efforts with other organizations to launch a number of HIT initiatives in the last year including: EHRevent. Fotsch enjoys sailing and sampling vintage wines, of which he is a true connoisseur. If you want to drink a toast to improving patient safety through advanced HIT, Dr. Fotsch will join you. Just let him pick the wine. Edward Fotsch is a pioneer in the field of HIT. Name: Edward Fotsch, M. Ali Fattaey, Ph.

A Presidential Scientist Visionary. Name: Ali Fattaey, Ph. Date and place of birth: Jan. In this role, Dr. Fattaey has led the development of the oral antiangiogenic molecule, telatinib, a highly selective inhibitor of the VEGF receptor family that is moving into Phase III clinical testing this year for the treatment of advanced stomach cancer. Fattaey has led the development of a novel FGF receptor kinase inhibitor with multiple modes of anticancer activity, currently ready for first-in human-testing.

Fattaey also implemented a new drug development paradigm: a virtual operating model for ACT, through which he is able to recruit talented executives to plan and manage outsourcing for drug development activities in an expedient and cost-effective manner. The goal is to unleash innovation and help patients in need by following the science to develop differentiated medicines using organizational flexibility and smart outsourcing.

Fattaey recognizes that smart philanthropy can play an important role in this innovative drug development model. At the foundation, Dr. Fattaey led the strategy for the funding of innovative clinical research to combat melanoma, and he helped establish a genetically characterized melanoma cell bank for drug candidate screening.

Both are Web-based tools to assist matching clinical trials with individual patients. Gregg Dearhammer Gregg Dearhammer likes hard rock and progressive metal music. The Team Builder With a drive to succeed and win, Gregg Dearhammer has worked to ensure his teams are the best at what they do. As president of i3, he has been central in helping to build the company into a global CRO known for its quality of work, strategic partnerships, and focus on the customer.

He has instituted a customer-centric cultural change and developed programs and systems that provide both quality and scalability to the organization. Leveraging these building blocks allowed i3 Statprobe to grow, and Mr. He was charged with working with inVentiv to prepare the best integration that ensures projects and customers are not interrupted operationally. While a seamless transition is critical, Mr.

Dearhammer is also immersed in building an operation that is strategically positioned to grow for future success. He is laying out the blueprints of necessary investments that will enable i3 to continue as a global leader in the marketplace. And he is ensuring the entire organization is guided through the transition. His weekly Web conferences, open to all i3 employees, offer reassurance and routine updates designed to keep employees both informed and focused on the work at hand. Whatever he undertakes, he tries to follow through to completion.

When he is given accountability for something, he is fully committed to achieving the objectives. By helping staff members feel tied to the success of the business, Mr. Dearhammer has energized those who work for him to want to give their all. He seeks to help others looking to advance their careers the same way that so many people in the industry have helped him.

Gregg Dearhammer has energized those who work for him to want to give it their all. With a drive to succeed and win, Gregg Dearhammer has worked to ensure his teams are the best at what they do. Stephen A. Cutler, Ph. From the playing fields of Rugby Union to the complex corridors of clinical research and the business boardroom, Stephen Cutler, Ph. His commitment to communications across all levels of the company have reinvigorated the workforce and focused all efforts on driving quality, efficiency, and value to customers.

He brings energy and passion to his position along with an incredible work ethic. Though he has high expectations for his team, he walks the walk, leading by example to deliver quality to customers. Cutler listens to his team, thinks things through, and offers real and practical solutions that benefit Kendle and customers alike. Eager to help young professionals as much as possible, Dr. Much like a team captain, Dr. Cutler inspires others to excel at their roles while keeping the team pointed at a specific goal. For nearly 10 years, Dr. Cutler was a member of the Australia National Rugby Union team, playing the lock position in two World Cup Tournaments in and Australia was the World Cup champion in the tournament.

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Cutler believes sports are a microcosm for life. While playing rugby, he learned to train hard and prepare well to contribute. The team environment and the opportunity to work with many different people are what Dr. Cutler truly enjoys. Both within a sports team and in a good work environment, players rely on teammates to contribute. But at the end of the day, the important thing is how the team performs. Though he is proud of his achievements on the sports field, the true highlight in his career was being named to head Kendle.

Cutler left Kendle. Name: Stephen A. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Joe Jimenez was the captain of his college swim team at Stanford University. Drawing inspiration from the patients Novartis serves, Joe Jimenez says over the years he has met many patients whose stories inspire him to do more to have Novartis bring new medicines to market.

For example, when he first became head of pharmaceuticals at Novartis, he met a young patient with severe asthma. While there is still a long way to go in the development of this treatment, hearing stories like these from patients is what inspires him to keep Novartis directed toward innovation. Novartis has been a long-standing leader in the industry in researching and developing treatments for rare diseases.

Jimenez has a way of inspiring people to do more than they thought possible. He understands the importance of communication, so he spends a lot of time with associates one-on-one, via internal events and informal lunches. Novartis associates say the blog helps them better understand Mr. Over the course of his career, Mr. Jimenez has had a lot of great mentors.

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In particular, his predecessor, Dr. Daniel Vasella, had a profound impact on him, due to his genuine desire to help patients and his long-term vision for Novartis.

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In turn, Mr. He enjoys talking with them about their challenges and opportunities, charting a career path for them, and helping them to reach their potential. He finds it rewarding to see associates go through the process of self-discovery and grow professionally. Jimenez believes his appreciation of the importance of mentors comes from his background in competitive swimming. A good coach or mentor motivates individuals to push themselves to achieve more than they thought they could do.

But he adds that the difference between a good coach and a great coach is that a great coach knows when to back off. Jimenez is also very involved in many of the Novartis leadership development and performance review programs. The reward for Mr. Jimenez was the opportunity to talk with them and collaborate on how to innovate to meet the changing demands within these fast-paced, high-growth markets. Gail K. Naughton, Ph. Harnessing the Power of Nature Active. Name: Gail K. Francis College; M. Gail Naughton, Ph. She holds more than 95 patents and has founded two companies. Her current venture is Histogen, a regenerative medicine company based on naturally produced products.

The technology uses conditions of very low-oxygen and suspension to allow newborn cells to develop stem cell markers and become embryonic-like and naturally produce vital proteins and growth factors that are characteristic of young, rapidly developing tissue.

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From this process, Histogen extracts two products — an insoluble human extracellular matrix hECM and a soluble complex of protein — that have a variety of applications in various markets and segments of the life-sciences industry. Naughton has a deep, inner-burning passion similar to a candle flame that never flickers. She has pushed through obstacles that others would avoid and has maneuvered the company through the minefields of the current economy and funding limitations.

All the while, she continues to oversee the Histogen research team, which has made major breakthroughs in oncology, device coating, and hair follicle stem cell research.

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On a personal note, she also finds the time to help others fulfill their dreams. Before Histogen, Dr. Gail Naughton has been an integral part of the life-sciences industry for more than 25 years. Anthony Tony Coles, M. Tony Coles loves hot dogs. Tony Coles, M. Since then his abiding principle has been the relentless pursuit of excellence. He constantly challenges the status quo to make the impossible possible. He believes if one thinks he or she has achieved success, then that individual risks becoming outpaced and outperformed.

Since joining Onyx, he has transformed the organization from a single-product company to one with a robust pipeline fueled by value-creating opportunities. Coles created a clear path for growth and he is invigorated by the daily opportunities and challenges to advance the company. His commitment is to patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, employees, and investors, all of whom count on his leadership to help bring novel therapies to patients.

As a physician and father of a cancer survivor, Dr. Coles is constantly reminded of the need to focus on two things: first, patients and second, the science that serves them. Coles says he has had the good fortune to have received guidance from several individuals throughout his career: Roy Vagelos, former president and CEO of Merck; Peter Tombros, chairman of NPS Pharmaceuticals; and his father, a minister, who exudes grace, humility, and humor.

In turn, he wants to do whatever he can to help those he mentors reach their potential and truly make an impact. Tyrone C. Ty Curran, president and CEO of Harrison and Star, learned as a kid that being a team player and being persistent are two characteristics that make the difference between success and failure; winning and losing; victory and defeat.

This lesson takes on greater meaning for him as a leader in business. Curran says this is where persistence comes in, knowing that sometimes it takes perseverance to defend a strategy or idea that will deliver the best results for a brand. Other times, it takes persistence to fine-tune a strategy to find the perfect fit. Teamwork and persistence, taken together, are defining elements of his personality, as well as the secret to his success. Colleagues agree that when others see obstacles, Mr. Curran sees opportunities. When roadblocks arise that would derail most teams, he brings a new perspective, a sense of possibility, and a plan to score a win against all odds.

Ten years ago, Mr. The recognition that the era of blockbuster brands would give way to specialty treatments fueled by fast-paced advances in science prompted Mr. Curran and Mr. Star to build their practice based on a high-science approach that catered to physician specialists. In addition to Mr. By recognizing individual strengths and creating opportunities for every player to push past being good enough and strive to be great, he has cultivated an enduring team of people. As of January , Mr.

Name: N. Education: Johns Hopkins University; M. Reid Connolly has been an advertising enthusiast forever, or at least since high school, when he joined a small branding and advertising agency and discovered he had an affinity for marketing. For the future marketer, this was a fantastic opportunity to learn the industry by wearing multiple hats and playing multiple roles, and he prefers to hire people who have both big and small agency experience.

To this day, the lessons he learned come into play, as CEO and founder of evoke interaction, a Huntsworth Health company. In addition to starting the agency almost five years ago, bringing together a team of talented professionals, whom he gets to work with everyday, is the highlight of his career. Having built an award-winning multichannel agency from the ground up, he says he has learned from his mentors over the years that the key to success in the agency world is taking a chance on the people within the organization and giving the team the opportunity to grow and shine.

By creating an agency that fosters an environment where team members are challenged to expand their horizons, Mr. Connolly has attracted and retained many of the brightest and most talented professionals in the interactive agency world to two office locations in New York and Philadelphia. Whether Mr. Connolly is answering client text messages at midnight or negotiating a contract while shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts, he is always connected to the heart of his business.

He describes himself as being intense, yet affable, two traits that connote the energy level that sets the right tone for the agency and allows him to get done everything necessary each day. In terms of work, evoke interaction has built a reputation for innovation by engineering user-centric experiences based on an intimate knowledge of customer needs and behaviors, a passion for emerging technology, and a cross-channel perspective on the ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

As challenging as digital marketing can be, Mr. Connolly is able to leverage more than a decade and a half of marketing experience to help clients build their businesses in measurable and proven ways. He inspires his industry colleagues by demonstrating that the right strategic approach coupled with executional expertise can make digital work. Name: B. Medicine Man Analytical. He received his M. He says the experience changed his entire outlook and life; while at Mount Sinai Hospital he met his wife. He says making the transition from a consultative specialist to being a mentor, manager, and advocate for his department has been an interesting but exciting experience.

Gregory House, but nicer. His specialty is identifying the pound gorilla in the room with a simple question. He is savant-like in his knowledge of the science behind what the agency does, and his team, who are themselves highly respected Ph. To clients, he is a valued and trusted partner. In her dozen years at Alliance Healthcare Information, she grew the operations and staff of the healthcare call center, fulfillment, and database management company, from 20 to more than employees.

More importantly, she has enhanced patient care through communications with patients and healthcare professionals. For example, Alliance communicates with more than , patients each year. She realizes that providing thorough and correct information to patients and providers is critical in the hour information world. Greenberg recognized early on that pharmaceutical and medical-device companies, as well as government bodies such as the National Institutes of Health, needed support to make sure that patient and provider questions were answered quickly and accurately and that adverse event information was captured and processed immediately.

As president and CEO, she is an inspiration and role model to young professionals. She believes in mentoring so strongly that every senior manager at Alliance is assigned one or two people on staff to help with career guidance. One of her great joys is watching people grow and enjoy their work.

Alliance has been recognized for its positive work environment, winning best place to work in Pennsylvania, an honor Ms. Greenberg says is a career highlight. Mary Anne Greenberg was a competitive ballroom dancer. He is developing new techniques, such as electronic patient charts; global online discussion forums; and social media monitoring and online continuous trackers.

He also recently founded VoxMed, a global social media network reserved for healthcare professionals to engage in peer-to-peer contact. With a passion for innovation and a provocative vision for the industry, Mr. Gazay as early as published for the European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association the first report on Internet use among European physicians, followed in by a similar study on the BRIC markets. With VoxMed, Mr. Gazay takes global life-sciences marketing to the next level. After three years of intense development, VoxMed launched in February as the first social media platform to allow healthcare professionals from around the world to connect with their peers and engage with all stakeholders in the industry.

Already present in 45 countries, 15, members are expected to join VoxMed by July He is a frequent contributor to many healthcare and business media outlets throughout the world. Gazay is considered a kind and extremely encouraging boss. While always expecting his people to give their best — as he always puts forth only his best in everything he does — he also rewards them and takes good care to ensure there is always fun in the mix with hard work.

Regardless of what Philip Lee decides to do, he is never half-hearted; he immerses himself completely, and pushes himself to the point of obsession. When considering the next steps PHT will take, Mr. Lee, as president and CEO, balances his broad view of the field of sponsored clinical research against realistic and current knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of the company he leads.

Thanks to his intrinsic understanding of the pharma industry and his technical expertise, he is generally ahead of the industry in terms of the tools and advancements in technology. He is able to foresee the needs of the industry and come up with solutions to address those gaps. He is changing the way sponsors conduct clinical research. Over the past decade he has greatly expanded the capability of clinical trials worldwide to include the point of view of the patient. He has targeted steps that safeguard privacy, sustain security, and add to the credibility of evidence coming directly from clinical trial subjects.

His achievements and his counsel have influenced drug and device development. Lee has a knack for asking good questions, thoughtfully evaluating the key points, and providing insightful guidance to those who seek his counsel. He is more than happy to roll up his sleeves and help wherever he is needed. There is no task too trivial if it means the customer is satisfied in the end. He considers every employee a critical asset to the company as a whole, regardless of their position, and inspires team members to think outside the box and feel empowered to make change. He looks for ways to share knowledge in a way that results in optimal learning.

Mentoring is important to Mr. Lee, who enjoys helping others reach their full potential. He is passionate about life, about learning, and about enjoying what the world has to offer. Lee understands and supports the need to have a work-life balance. Lee, family comes first.

David T. Ormesher Positive Persuasions Optimistic. Name: David T. Date and place of birth: June ; Burlingame, Calif. Regardless of the situation, the cup is always half-full for David Ormesher. Charismatic, smart, and thoughtful, he inspires those around him to push forward and be the best they can be.

Ormesher founded closerlook, a strategic marketing agency serving the healthcare industry, 24 years ago. Today, the company is a recognized leader in developing innovative relationship marketing solutions that change the way healthcare is bought, sold, and delivered. At the forefront of creativity and marketing, Mr. He then has the intellectual horsepower to convert the data into useful corporate intelligence that enhances focused marketing for his clients. Ormesher believes the biggest challenge facing the healthcare industry today is inside-out thinking.

He says the industry must be willing to take risks, invest in innovation, and embrace the change that is coming. The answer begins with adopting a new perspective and a commitment to outside-in thinking. He is looking at innovative ways to combine data, technology, behavioral science, digital content, and integrated marketing to help pharmaceutical brands transform the way they communicate with physicians and patients. The signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has challenged many business assumptions on which the healthcare industry was built, he says.

There are still many unknowns, but it affords industry leaders great opportunities. Ormesher and his colleagues are spending time with customers to understand how they are affected by the new discontinuities in order to develop innovative communication approaches to reach physicians and patients, programs that help bend the cost curve, and strategies and partnerships to grow profitably in this new environment.

Ormesher is highly respected for his philanthropic approach to life. He leads a quarterly workshop called BiggerFuture in Rwanda for 50 business owners who are committed to growth and leadership. Professionals in Rwanda say the interest Mr. Ormesher takes in what they are doing has a huge impact. He is always there for professional consultation and advice as well as being a source of inspiration and encouragement. Jeff Sweeney Brand Loyalist Enthusiastic. Colleagues say Mr. Sweeney, president of RCW McCann Healthcare, says he is enthusiastic and tenacious, both of which serve the agency business well.

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Sweeney cares as much about the people who work for him as the brands they serve. In leading his teams, he harkens back to advice he received early in his own career from a mentor who pointed out the importance of remembering that internal relationships are just as important as external client relationships. The value of client relationships is easily understood, but without strong internal relationships, those external relationships are doomed. Team members laud Mr. Sweeney as being a great leader and motivator.

He is willing to jump in to fill in without complaint. He is always encouraging and is the first to note when a job has been done well. A truly genuine person, Mr. Sweeney is kind to everyone, no matter where they might be on the corporate rung. Jeff Sweeney pilots a Cessna Jeff Sweeney approaches life the same way he does business: there are as many challenges as there are successes. David Gabriel Passov Stepping up to the Challenge Time and again David Passov has proven to be a stabilizing and motivating force for the management team and employees at the company he serves, ClinStar.

He says the most challenging and greatest highlight was his contribution to stopping ClinStar from disintegrating after one founder bought out the other. Over the last few years, Mr. Passov has unselfishly devoted his time to providing the organization with stability. Thanks to his strong leadership, he has ensured a rewarding working environment for staff, and on-time delivery of high-quality projects to customers.

His commitment to ClinStar has been unwavering. Since taking over as president and CEO, Mr. His goal is to perpetuate the growth of ClinStar in very difficult economic times for the CRO industry. The growth of global markets, consolidation in the industry, and the trend toward global CRO outsourcing creates challenges for the niche CROs, Mr. Passov says. This is a concern because these are the companies that play a vital role in bringing innovative medicines to the market faster, thus helping the patients in need. Mentoring matters to Mr. Passov, who says it creates business continuity and institutionalizes the company, and at the same time he feels good about being able to pass on the knowledge that he has accumulated.

Passov is a big believer in getting rest and recreation and completely freeing his mind from the daily demands and stresses of work. He enjoys downhill skiing, riding his motorcycle, and diving. Adventurous by nature, Mr. She says this is the most gratifying professional experience she has ever had because the medicines Shire HGT is involved with transform the lives of people — often children — with terrible diseases. The patients, their families, and how brave they are inspire Dr. HGT is the business unit of global specialty biopharmaceutical company Shire Plc.

In the past four years, Dr. The business unit has met, and exceeded, expectations. The company has four products available in Europe, one of which is the market leader in treating Fabry disease, a rare disorder that causes a buildup of fatty material in the autonomic nervous system, eyes, kidneys, and cardiovascular system.

At the grand opening of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which was one of the first projects she commissioned when she began at Shire HGT, Dr. Beyond developing innovative medicines for rare diseases, Dr. Serving on the board of trustees of this organization for a few years opened her eyes to the issue of hunger in America. Food is such a basic need and there seems to be an abundance of it in the world, she says, and yet millions of people, including the elderly and children, go to bed hungry every night.

Betsy Reid, chief operating officer of the Duke Clinical Research Institute DCRI , is a trailblazer, visionary, and strategic thinker, who is considered by colleagues as one of the most inspirational and talented individuals in clinical research today. The values she shares in her multidimensional life — a combination of work, family, community, and outside interests, were instilled in her right out of college — when she owned and managed an iron foundry.

This experience provided the building blocks for her rise within the pharmaceutical industry. After holding important roles with A. Robins, G. Noted for her ability to recognize opportunities, move through uncertainty, take action and persevere to completion, she is a catalyst for positive change. Competitive and driven to ensure forward growth, Ms. Reid is decisive and willing to make and stand behind difficult, high-consequence decisions.

Reid believes in giving back in big and small ways, professionally and personally. Realizing that her legacy will not be based on her individual accomplishments but how well she mentors the next generation of leaders, she says the best part of this relationship is how much she learns from each of her mentees and knowing that she contributed to that success. Elizabeth D. Betsy Reid Steely Determination Donning a hardhat and steel-toe boots, Betsy Reid worked the night shift pouring iron in a foundry.

Name: Elizabeth D. Valued as an incredibly strong leader who knows how to work within the creative process, she drives the work along a focused strategic track, without impeding or complicating it.

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  • Within this environment Ms. Dobry and partner Scott Watson have developed the creative experience, which is as wonderful and rewarding as it should be. While it would be easy for Ms. Dobry to play the role of administrator, she likes getting her hands dirty, helping her clients untangle their most challenging marketplace riddles.

    Colleagues say Ms. Dobry is a charismatic leader, who is endlessly optimistic and fiercely loyal. Dobry is hyper-competitive, and while she knows how to win, she also knows how to keep the game fun. Outside the workplace, she encourages employees to make a difference in their personal lives, from supporting a humanitarian effort to assisting people across the globe, to helping the family of a fellow employee in need.

    In essence, Ms. Dobry maintains all the right priorities in a business that too often makes people compromise. She knows at its core, hers is a people business and that authentic motivation and nurturing of talent are the most important determinants of success. In essence, she creates an agency environment that attracts, develops, and supports individuals, while always emphasizing the power of community and collaboration. She says working with her creative partner, Scott Watson, for the last 16 years has contributed to their mutual success in this business.

    Nikin Patel, Ph. While conducting his Ph. Patel, along with his supervisors, identified the need to provide a high-end service for the analysis and development of pharmaceuticals using techniques that were not currently being used. The result were Molecular Profiles Ltd. Molecular Profiles is Dr.