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Fingal County Council has been designated as the Competent Authority for the purposes of aircraft noise regulation at Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is the only airport in Ireland meeting this threshold. The Aircraft Noise Competent Authority is the new body responsible for ensuring that noise generated by aircraft activity at Dublin Airport is assessed in accordance with EU and Irish legislation. Close Menu. From Dublin Airport. Community Homepage. Flyout Text. Libraries Homepage. Please see individual library for opening times. Recreation Homepage. Arts Strategy. In addition, all such countries have active enforcement programs.

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Whether a country has a global or territorial tax system, TP remains critical for tax base defense. APAs provide an important means of addressing these issues in advance. The advantages include achievement of prospective certainty, flexibility, rollbacks and renewal.

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Over the years, a critical advantage has been a means of achieving efficient resolution of proposed adjustments from tax authorities U. In this regard, the CA process is also critical, which is the means of achieving bilateral resolution. Finally, perhaps the greatest advantage is cost. In our experience, an APA is typically about 25 percent of the cost of: i preparing TP documentation in the pertinent countries for a 5-year APA period; ii addressing FIN 48 issues; iii awaiting and handling examinations; iv handling proposed adjustments via appeals; and v achieving overall resolution via CA processes or litigation.

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This is only the outside professional costs, not even considering internal time and expense. The greatest disadvantages are time and cost, although as discussed above, the cost is typically materially less than doing documentation, awaiting and handling examinations, domestic dispute resolutions processes, and if available, CA resolution. Bureaucracy and desire for technical precision.

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In our experience, the most efficient APA programs tend to be practical and patient. In most countries, there is an almost inevitable effort to find the technically perfect solution, which takes time and resources. The appropriate range for a large portion of APA issues is well known by all participants, yet each one normally has to be documented, analyzed and discussed.

Significant efficiency could be achieved by adopting practical safe harbors, at least in bilateral APAs, as the IRS has tried to do with routine services transactions. If there is anxiety about such safe harbors, they could be limited to a year period, subject to annual report review, which we have experienced in some countries. In E.

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McDermott opened a law practice that focused exclusively on taxes. As chief counsel to the Joint Committee on Taxation of the United States Congress, McDermott observed firsthand how the rapidly expanding federal tax laws were affecting businesses and individuals. He recognized the need for a law firm to assist people and their businesses to understand and comply with their changing tax obligations. Skip to main content.

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